Carnival Costume!

Carnival 2019

Our goal is to deliver quality costume at a fraction of its cost.  We are the supplier of costumes to the Atlantic City Carnival



Maya Carnival is proud to produce costumes for the Atlantic City Carnival.  Our costumes are desgined and produced by serval designers from New York and as far as Trnidad and Tobago. 

Any costume that is purchased here will grant you privileges to particpate in our  parades and give you extra incentives.  Please remember we work to make certain you have a wonderful experience.

We appreicate and love our returning customers.  Thank you


 Please contact us at or call 215.767.2824


 NOTE: In 2019 we are workign to present a parade in a pagentry format. There will be heavy police and security presants. If you are not in costume, or wearing an approved band you will be asked to exit the parade. Those that have purchased their costumes are paying to be in the parade; therefore, we ask that you be respectful. These rules will be strickly enforced! Our cities are mindful of our appearence and we must display a respectful parade to the families in and around the route!


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